Archive of hope (ongoing)

Performance and archive


Archive of hope is an ongoing performace where the artist saves her lost eyelashes in an archive. The archive is slowly increasing and contains by 1/6-2023:

538 eyelashes 


Fragment of text from my ‘kick-off’ of the performance in january 2021:

Growing up you learn how you are allowed to secretly hope for something when shedding an eyelash and gently blow it away.

From this day on.
Whenever I lose an eyelash.
I will save it.
In a scheme, will I write the date and glue the eyelashes on.
This will over time become the Archive of Hope.

The performative action of saving the eyelashes instead of actively hoping for something whenever I lose them, frames the emergence, existence and remaining of hope and is simultaneously questioning an ungrabbable notion of hope.

The objectification of hope through eyelashes will be an examination of the possibility of collecting hope.

The time course will exist on two parallels, where every single act of archiving each lash will be interrupting an everyday life in an unknown dramaturgy and the long duration will add a layer of insistence and exploration of the impact of time.